*~*Random Craziness*~*
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2004-01-14 21:47:25 (UTC)

Snow.. snow... snoowwwww

Holy geez! It's been snowing since before i got up this
morning @ 7:30am and when I got out of work at
4pm.. its was fun shovelling off the car. So yes.. my day..
soo slow at work.. good thing I was working with Linds,
there was craziness.. she was doing cartwheels.. fun
times.. then when we were done our shift she cut my hair
since it needed it... while I was getting it shampooed
Laura (the crazy american) decided to sit on my lap...geez
louise.. but it was funny... so my hair feels ALLOTT
better even though I only got about 1/2 inch off.. still,
it needed it.
The roads are so bad that instead of Mike coming over
beofre he works @ 6pm, he's just going to come over at
So I saw Big Fish last night.. its so good! I almost cried!
So yes, I'm having D.W. Dance Withdrawl hehe... it's been
about 3 weeks since I went out.. :( but this week man.. its
over! SATURDAY NIGHT! We can't decide if we're gonna go to
The beach, but we don't know about there.. with linds and
the ex- and linds with her new boy.. uhhh... there or
Woody's.. but they don't have a coat check, maybe
Treehouse, we've both never been there... But Mike might
not come till later cus he made plans to play pool.. soo
we'll see.
Umm.. what else.. I'm hungry... I had a grilled chicken
ceasar for lunch.. but that was at 1pm... ok.. maggie is
sitting beside me... bye

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