Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-14 19:57:45 (UTC)

middle of the week...

hey ppl. its the middle of the week and its kinda a blah
week. tuesday was just a normal day...had drama, took
notes in chem, played football, and had fun in research.
Nicks g/f Montea....shes very dominatrix type...and SHE
HATES ME! so alls good...tuesday she told Sabby..that she
was...oh whats the words...ruining her reputation by
hanging with 'lower class people'. i swear she waited till
i got there to say that and then not only did she look at
ME when she said it but also to LIZZY! and thats not
right. me and grandma almost got into a car crash
yesterday on the way to ceramics. the car was inches away
from ours...scurry thing. ceramics went good last night.
Terry came...1st time since her surgery...shes doing good
now...she didnt stay the whole time b.c she started
hurting...but she came.
well then theres today. drama went ok...chem went
ok...slept through gym (lol i sat on the sidelines and
napped!)...then in lunch...there are these spanish kids
that have been taking half of our table..ok fine..well me
and Sabby went to go get me food (i was STARVING!) and
Lizzy, Carrianne and Ashleigh stayed back at the table.
well when me Sabby got back we had no seats anymore b.c
some of the spanish kids took them...ok fine...well then
they yelled in spanish to each other for a min...then all
of a sudden the dude next to me spills his drink ALL OVER
SABBYS BINDER. then they just left...well Lizzy knos
spanish...kinda...if u can believe it...and told us that
they told him to do it...kinda like an intentional when all the spanish ppl were leaveing Lizzy
yelled "bai you sons of bitches" in polish to them...we
started laughing b.c of what she said...they started
laughing cuz they thought she was triing to speak
spanish...oh well lol...then 4th went always...
and I havent been able to talk to my baby in like FOREVER
it seems. kinda sucks. but oh well...imma go...if
ya'll need me...ya'll kno the number! or do you??? lol
bwahahahahaha lol. (just dun forget i cant get calls after
9 hehe)

ttyl. bai
Nikkie :-P

p.s- i whole chest sternum
(i think thats what its called.) all in that area first i thought it was from playing
football..but i didnt play today and im still hurting when
i ne of ya kno a reason
love to hear it...