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2004-01-14 19:30:39 (UTC)

what a wonderful dream... not

i just had like the weirdest dream ever... and yet kinda
scary cause a lot of my dreams r de sa voo... or however it
is spelt.. but anyways it started out with me in the
hospital and i woke up with my mom and dad next to the bed
and then my friend jess was out in the waiting room with my
sister-in-law and her to kids and then anthony my
brother... well i had woke up and i was like whats going
on.. y am i here and shit and then my dad told me i was in
another accident... in stetson.. somebody wa trying to pass
me on the left because there was a dump truck coming the
other way... and i guess when the guy tryed to pull back
infront of me he knicked my front end sending me to spin
and i gess i got hit by the dump truck and m car is
totaled... so i was like well what happened to me y am i
here i dont feel hurt and then dad told me to look at my
legs.... i had like leg braces on and foot extenders...
well then the docotr came in and im like what is this shit
im walking no matter what and the docotr is like no wait u
cant walk now i go watch me and i tryed to get off the bed
and i fell on my ass... well then i was like what do i have
nubs or something and no one answered me... so i tryed to
stand up again and i was like its these fuckign braces so i
took them off and yes i still had feet but i had like these
2 huge scars in my legs like 2 inches below my knees i
guess but my left leg was like 3 inches shorter then my
right and my shins where only like a foot long or
something... shorter then they normally are anyways but i
said fuck this and i stood up without the braces and amazed
my doctor.. but then i started walking around and it was
weird cause one leg was a lot shorter then the other and my
legs wehere uneven... i asked what had happened and i was
in a comma for like 2 months plenty of time for my legs to
heal they said and i was like well what happened to my
legs... well it turns out that the accident had shattered
the top parts of my shins one more then the other... so
they took out the shattered bone and shaved the sharp edges
of the bone and reconnected it... and later they were going
to replace them with rods... well when i finally sat down i
saw jess online next to me so i scooted over and she was
talking to don... yes don and i wanted to talk to him and
she wouldnt let me so i got pissed but then she wouldnt
even let me see the convo so i got mad at her but then like
20 minutes later he shows up at the hospital with flowers
and i was so happy it made my day... but then i started to
wonder about the others in the other car so i asked and i
guess the father who was the man driving had died but the
pregnant women survived and happen to be in labor as we
speak so then later on the women wanted to see me.. she had
heard i was awake... well i walked into see her and the
baby and it was so sweet she had a little girl and she
named it after me and apologized and i said no dont its not
ur fault and tryed to make her feel better.. well she had
asked me to become part of her life and i had agreeed to...
so i became the childs godmother because i guess she had no
friends or family around because she left everything for
her husband but then i left and went back to jess and don
and i was all happy but then jess is like well i guess u
dont need a nother car since u cant drive yet and im like
screw that specialty shit man i got tons of money from them
and then i go plus i get handicap parking now and then the
phone rang... damn telemarketers.... but im out guys