Adam's girl

Don't Judge me Yet
2004-01-14 12:05:58 (UTC)

Happy 11 months Adam!!!

well today me and Adam have been going out for 11
months!!! i can't believe longest relationship
before Adam was 1 month! so to last for 11 months is
awesome! i love Adam so much...i hope to spend many many
years with him. i can't wait for Valentine's day...because
then we'll be together for a WHOLE year!!!hopefully he'll
get to come see me. ugh now i have to finish putting on my
ROTC uniform. i have to go to school earlier today because
i have an officer's meeting and then drill practice. i'm
getting so sick of drill practice. yesterday at practice we
just sat around doing absolutely nothing. i could've slept
in! competition is in less than two weeks! that's not very
much time!well i'm gonna go brush my teeth. i had Lucky
Charms for breakfast...yum!

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