malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-01-14 05:21:12 (UTC)

a death of kings

how is it that we live in this country? how do we trust our
president? our senator? our governor? our neighbor? do we
know these people? kafka once wrote a story about a man who
went to see the LAW. the man spoke to the doorkeeper of the
LAW and asked to enter the LAW. he was told he would be
allowed- but not at the moment. the man sat on a stool. his
life wasted away waiting outside the door to the law, and
his life was coming to a close when the man beckoned to the
doorkeeper and asked him why no other men have come seeking
to enter the LAW. the door keeper said that this door was
made only for the man, and now that he was dying, the door
would be closed. its a sad story, but it is exactly like
this. we have rights. and we CAN use them, but not at the
moment. they are meant ONLY for US, and after we DIE, they
will be taken away. because we will spend all this time
trying to see them, not use them. at one point in the story
the man asked the doorkeeper if he could "take him" and the
doorkeeper told him the truth. he said that if he managed to
get past, the man would only meet with more doorkeepers who
were fiercer than himself. presenting a probability of
failure and so the man never even tried. like the man, so
many people ask, and allow themselves to be intimidated.
their lives pass and the door for them closes, just before
the end.

in the face of odds, there is no winning. face the odds, and
die trying rather than wasting away asking.


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