♥Picture Perfect♥
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2004-01-14 04:53:35 (UTC)

not a true story

I lie awake late at night
Thinking "Why do my parents fight?"
What did I do wrong?
I hope this doesn't last long
I hear a loud sound
Daddy says "Look what I found"
I hear the snap of a belt
I know mommy will have a welt
I look up, and he was there
God this isn't fair
He beats her then beats me
Why are we prisoners and he's still free?
He hits me once, twice mom screamed
He turned
He said "You should have learned"
The next time I awoke
I was in a hospital bed
They told me my mom was dead
Mommy's dead
I have scars
But all daddy got was put behind bars.

I just thought it was sad and decided to post it here. (I
didn't write it by the way.)