2004-01-14 04:12:02 (UTC)

Bathroom Humor

So I guess this is my first entry. Today I passed by my
bathroom and my suitemate was sitting on the toilet while
my other suitemate was in there with her, talking to her.
I don't know about you, but I thought that was pretty
dadgum weird. Me and Dana promised eachother that we'd
never get that close.

Also the new phrase for the semester is "That's thick."
Yeah, it can replace every "That's tight," "that's
cool," "awesome," "amazing," whatever...start saying it.
This is credited to Jonsy. Oh, and "Ragin' crazy" is
definitly still in.

Also, me and Lyn came up with a new word. Actually it was
already a word: Deutsch. Or something like that. It's
German (we think). We don't know what it means so we made
up a meaning for it and that is "death." So you can start
saying that one too :)

I'll conclude this with I should have worked out over
Christmas break because my tail is feelin' it pretty good
right about now. Let's go for ice cream.

ps- Happy Birthday Josh Jensen ;)