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2004-01-14 02:35:33 (UTC)


Blah. That's how I feel. Very blah. Let's see...I'm gonna
go through what happened in every class. I won't write as
much this time.

1st Period: (computer keyboarding) worked on my
2nd Period: (math) I have a 90% A. Easiest class I have.
Didn't work on nothing really...talked to Tisha most of the
3rd Period: (science) I actually understand Ionic
Lunch: Walked around with Shanda. Visited Matt. He told
Shanda to hook him up with Nakeeta. When he said that..I
dunno. I still like him and all, but he doesn't like me
anymore. I doubt he ever did anyway. Lunch was quite boring.
4th Period: (global issues) Nothing in the
beginning...at the very end when I stayed after to wate for
Tisha, Matt was wandering around the halls and he came into
the classroom and he was sitting in a desk in front of me.
I can't talk to guys. At all. At least not when I like
them. Anyway, I was looking at the scars on my wrist and I
showed Bonnie (she stayed with me) and Matt saw and he
looked...I dunno. He didn't look happy. I guess that means
he cares... Then when Tisha showed up Aaron was with her
and he grabbed me and was holding me and stuff. I like him
SO much! I've liked him since...7th grade. Or 6th.
5th Period: (math again) did nothing. We reviewed for
the finals next week.
6th Period: (english)Mrs. Gibbons should be fired! I
HATE HER! I have a D now. She didn't mark that I had done
my comparison paper so when she finally does that, I might
have a C. That'd be good.

So there you go. My day. How eventful. Tootles.