Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-14 01:48:27 (UTC)

About Me


-What is your first name? Renee
-What is your middle name? Denise
-What is your last name? Armbrecht
-What grade are you in? 9
-What school do you go to? DeForest
-What are your parents names? Phil and Denise
-What color is your hair? Brown
-What color are your eyes? Green
-When's your birthday? July 16
-Whats your height? 5'7
-How old are you? 14.5


-Whats your favorite song? Perfect
-Whats your favorite band? Dont know
-Whats your favorite food? cheesey brocoli
-Whats your favorite drink? sierra mist
-Whats your favorite book? Get Real
-Whats your favorite movie? Cross Roads
-Whats your favorite tv show? CSI
-Whats your favorite month? June
-Whats your favorite day of the week? Wednesday
-Whats your favorite holiday? Valentines Day
-Whats your favorite thing to do? Lay around with Kevin or
talk on the phone
-Whats your favorite subject? Math
-Whos your favorite teacher? Mrs. Beardsley

CHOOSE (What do you like better)

-Cake or Cookies? Cookies
-Pop or Juice? Juice
-Phone or Person? Person
-Science or Math? Math
-1 Best friend or A bunch of friends? 1 best friend
-Being Close with your family or friends? Friends
-Funny or Serious? Funny but serious at times
-Hot or Cold? hot cause then you can take it off
-Sun or Snow? Sun
-Sandles or Sneakers? Sneakers
-Apartment or House? House
-Dog or Cat? Cat
-Singing or Dancing? Dancin
-Jello or Pudding? Jello


-Where do you want to live? Wisconsin
-Where do you want to go to College? University in Minn.
-Where do you want to get married? Wisconsin
-Where do you want to go for vacation? Florda
-Where do you want to meet your husband/wife? idk
-Where is your favorite place in the world? my room


-Bungee Jump? no
-Sky Dive? no
-Fly on a plane? no
-Eat road kill? no
-Kill someone? no
-Gamble? yes strip poker with Kevin
-Make a fool out of your self? yes
-Tell someone you had a crush on them? I tell Kevin I have
a crush on him
-Not talk for a day? no
-Go Skinny dipping? maybe with Kevin
-Talk to yourself in public? yes
-Steal? no


-Who would you want to go to heaven with you? everyone
-What would you take with you? my cell fone
-Who would be the last person you would want to say
something to? family and friends and say I love you
-Who would you like to talk to when you get to heaven? my
gerbil, Backstreet.
-What would be the first thing you eat when you get to
heaven? fries


-If you could only choose 2 people to be with you, who
would it be? Kevin and my geese, McKenzie.
-Would you write help in the sand to try to get out? No
life would be wonderful
-Would you help build shelter? yes
-Would you kill an animal for food? yes but I dont eat
-Would you be relax or panic? panic
-Would you want to be rescued? Yes
-Do you think it would be cool to be stranded? no
-How would you like to ended up stranded?(ex. boat, plane
-If you could only bring one thing what would it be? food


-Loudest: Makayla
-Quietest: Lisa
-Funnest: Kevin
-Caring: Kevin
-Atletic: Emily
-Slowest reacting: Katylen
-Fastest reacting: Katie
-Biggest Flirt: Sarah
-Funniest: Kevin
-Weirdest: Jamie M.
-Crazyiest: Meredith
-Shyest: Brianna
-Most Talkative: Kassia
-Understanding: Kevin
-Annoying: Jamie C.
-Honest: Kevin
*Kevin to allmost all but I had to have him down for most
caring cause he is*

WHO (of your friends)

-Who have you known the longest? Meredith
-Who knows the most about you? Sarah
-Who can cheer you up? Kevin or Sarah
-Who do you talk to most on the phone with? Sarah
-Who do you go to the movies the most with? idk
-Who do you talk to the most in school? Sarah
-Who do you have the most sleepovers with? Sarah
-Who comes to your house the most? Sarah
-Whos house do you go to the most? Sarah
-Who tells you the most? Sarah


-To become famous? Katie
-To get married? Brit and Kevin M.
-To work at a fast food resturant? Mikayla
-To go to Harvard? Teage
-Never get married? Jamie
-To become an atlete? Emily
-To have the most kids? Sarah
-To never have kids? Brianna
-To become a rockstar? Meredith
-To become a model? Kayla
-To be on Survior? Eric
-To travel the world? Julieann
-To become a Billionaire? idk
-To not go to Prom? Will
-To break the rules? everyone
-Follow the rules? umm Sarah


-What do you care most about in your life? My sister
-Whats one thing you want to have done in your life be for
you die? have a family
-If You had one million dollars what would you spend it
on? clothes makeup church
-Have you ever slept walked? no
-Have you ever snoored? yeah
-Have you ever talked in your sleep? yes
-Would you ever eat a bug? no
-Have you ever kept your new years resolution? no
-Have you ever laughed so hard your drink came out of your
nose? no Sarah did it was nasty right in front of Mrs. B's
room dont say anything.
-Have you ever played dress up? yes
-Have you ever been on stage? Yes
-Have you ever snuck out or your house? yea
-Have you ever swam in the rain? no
-Do you daydream? Yes
-Do you like the internet? Yes
-Whats your favorite color? yellow
-Do you like surveys? yes
-Would you ever make your own survey? yes
-Say something nice about the person who sent this to you:
idk even know who I got it from lol
-Whos your best friends: Kevin and Sarah
-What do you like about them: Everything!cept sarah when
shes mean.
-Any last words: I love Kevin Ross and someday I would
love to get a promise ring.

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Providing developers and businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets), object storage ( Spaces), and more.