Best Left Unspoken
2004-01-14 00:58:32 (UTC)

Another School Day

Well today wasn't so bad cuz i got to sleep in. Yay for
that. I had to go to the dentist. My wisdom teeth are
coming in and at my next checkup sometime in the summer
he's gonna scheudule to get them pulled. Ouch. That sucks.
But anyway turns out people at school actually wanted to
know where i was in the morning instead of going to school
guess they really do love me. lol. I had jazz band today.
The only really good thing would have had to have been
Jenn. Thank God for Jenn. I got one of those head aches
durin jazz band that kinda thump against ur skull and it
feels like the end of the world. And jazz band iz one of
the worst places to have one of those. Everyone iz playin
cuz they think that they are good... but the truth iz that
no one in jazz band is good. In fact most of us suck. One
of those people that suck is me so it's not like i'm
making fun of anyone. But anyway I don't really have much
else to say nothing bad or good really happened just
wanted to keep you posted. So bye for now i'll write more
tomorrow maybe.