*~*Random Craziness*~*
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2004-01-13 23:28:44 (UTC)

Beautiful is Beautiful

Whoa, I may be addicted to this. I like reading through
other people's on here... just like to see what they're
thinking.. it's interesting.. I saw an entry of someone's
favourite things.. so I will do the same.. here:

*Sunsets.. especially at my cottage there is a sunset every
night.. even if it's rained all day.. so wonderful
*my little bench on the small cliff at my cottage.. god I
have to go back.. it's been 3 yrs, i haven't even shown
Mike it yet... I want him and me to sit on it.. the thought
makes me want to cry :)
*baby yorkies.. THOSE make me cry.. literally.. the sight
of them make me ball! so so so cute!
*Micheal Buble's Cd.. that music is great
*Ryan Malcolm.. soooo great!
*Cheese ball movies make me smile (e.g) CROSSROADS!
*I love Britney Spears too.. her newest cd makes me dance
*Me and Lindsay's odd sense of humour, nothing can beat that
*My work.. I love it and everyone I work with... I work
with the nuttiest ppl ever ! We have the Crazy haired
american, Sweetest, most thoughtful and so hilarious
croatian, random spurts of hilarity coming from the
albanian, my most favourite twin Lindsay, and the
silly/crazy/COPS obsessed Manager! I love them ALL!
*Moulin Rouge
*Chicago (the movie)

And I'll continue later.. I might go see Big Fish with the