*~*Random Craziness*~*
2004-01-13 23:03:02 (UTC)

"You wore it again"

Allo allo, it's me again.. same day. a few hours later :)
My mikey just left for work @ 6pm.. he's working till 10
then coming over again YAY! He got me a watch for christmas
and its sooo nice, and I had to get it re-sized twice... so
now it fits good and I wear it everyday.. but it seems like
he's suprised that I wore it..he's so precious. I love his
little face. His profile is so gorgeous! Not saying the
rest of his face isn't, but I've never seen a profile more
good looking than his! WHOA!
My sister is supposed to go with me to the gym tonight, but
she's not home from work yet.. and honestly, I just got a
rush of tiredness... I'm too lazy to go... oh wait.. she's
home now. odd how I was just talking about her :S I don't
think we're going.. good.. I don't feel like it. I got the
membership last Aug, and I went once for a half hour haha..
I know its not good cus I'm spending money every month...
but I'll go more when it gets warmer.
I'm really enjoying typing in this here typing thing :)
It's fun to just ramble.. I wonder if anyone's listening...
alloooooo alllooo?? ECHOOOOOOOO CHOOO CHOOO :)
I think I'll go nap perhaps..
"A fantabulous night to make romance 'neath the cover of
october skies"

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