splendor cello

all things must die!
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2004-01-13 22:07:14 (UTC)


I'm new, I'm evil, and I rock! I'm 16 @ this entry, and proote the upset of the tranquility of the state. WE SUCK!
I'm trying to organize a coalition of right-thinkers, that we can overthrow our petty government. all things must die! Any co-horts out there?

1) Remove the power cord from an appliance.
2) With a knife or scissors, remove the port.
3) Divide the barrels.
4) Entwine the srands of copper into two thicker, yet separate, coils. DO NOT ENGAGE THE POLES!
5) Remove the microphone cover.
5) Remove the microphone.
6) Loosen the screws on both terminals (black and red).
7) Ensure the copper remains attached to the terminals.
8) Add the coiled strands at the port end of the power cord to the terminals. It doesn't matter what side. Just don't mix the poles.
9) Screw both the original wires and new power cord strands firmly in place.
10) Depress the plunger as a dial tone is required.
11) Press "O" (as in "Operter".
12) Upon human or electronic answer, plug the power cord into the outlet.
13) Run like hell.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Let's make a difference or the better.

Splendor Cello