*~*Random Craziness*~*
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2004-01-13 21:19:19 (UTC)

There is lifesaver lodged in my toofers

Alrigty... it's Jan/13/04... I just started this little
thing.... and I don't really know what to write.. But HAPPY
2004! Hopefully this year will be FANTAB!
I just got home from work an hour ago... I did 10 ppl...
out of 14. It was me and this other lady we'll call "Bora".
What a slowy and a half.. and pretty boring I might add,
not fun times when I work with her. It's not that I DISLIKE
her.. she actually makes me laugh with her accent and way
of thinking... we made her chug a glass of wine at our
christmas party haha.. greatness!
Ya so I was eating lifesavers... Mike (my bf) says they
call them that because if you swallow and choke on them..
you can still breathe because of the little hole.. I was
amazed by that.. how come I didn't think of that before!
Umm.. maybe I should give you a little intro... I'm
Katie... I'm a nut.. and if you get me together with my
bestest... its madness! hehe... She's my twin.. Lindsay..
or Bon Jovi.. call her what you'd like.. We should have a
reality show with camera crews following us around.. that's
how weird we are.. it could work! Phones ringing.. its my
bf hold on....nope its my cousin Aarone.. she's a hoot!
She's trying to get me to go to the auto show with her as
we speak.. I say.. noooo boring! Anywhoo.. I jsut got off
the phone with her.. she says "let me call you back" but
who knows if she will.. we're supposed to all be going out
this saturday.. I'm have dance withdrawls! "Dancing on the
platform till our batteries die" is me and Lindsers
So I guess that's it for now.. gotta pick daddy up from
workies soon.. bye...