shit yeh!

umm...*insert title here*
2004-01-13 21:03:52 (UTC)

poprocks & coke

jordan is a great guy. hes extremely nice and
sweet...funny, and loves me more than i deserve. but now
when i look at him, i just dont see anything there. i
remember how i used to be so in love with him...just one
look at him would make me smile. but i dont get that makes me feel like shit, knowing that he loves
me so much but i dont feel the same i used to. and i know
im never gonna be able to tell him this, bc even though i
dont have those same feelings as before, i still have so
much love for him. but not the same way he has for me...

at least this is what i think.

maybe, its just a phase or something. maybe ill go right
back to that feeling...but right now im so confused.

and then theres tom. hes everything i look for in a
guy...except of course his looks, although he isnt
ugly...its just not the look i go for. but his
personality!! its perfect...

i wouldnt go out with him though. almost all my friends
tell me they hate him or hes dirty or something...ugh. it
really bothers me...