2004-01-13 19:12:50 (UTC)

ahh huh

well well well what a night i had last night :o)me and my
friend jess hung out well first we were gonna go get her
belly button done... but that fell through twice lol then
we went to the mall and percided onto burlington then we
went to her house then to our old highschool to say hi to
some people... well we were going to catch the end of the
game but we totally missed that lol but then we went out to
my james house... it was really fun out there... we had
lots of fun once we found it... and people say stetson is
the sticks.. ha try dover... it hought i was gonna cry
there were so many woods without houses... but we finally
found it and we had a blast.... i was like in heaven and i
think jess was too.... shes so funny sometimes... but i
dont feel like getting to detailed because then it might
take awhile but i had a lot of fun and so did jess and the
ride home actually was really short.. specially compared to
the ride there lol well i guess thats it im gonna go back
to eating my cheesecake and go watch a movie so ill ttyl

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