What goes on in my own little world
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2004-01-13 05:53:26 (UTC)

Things always happen for a reason.

I have always been a strong believer in the fact that
everything happens for a reason. No matter what it is,
every person you meet, and just happen to run into them
again, or someone cuts you off while you are driving, and
you get pissed, but you never know, you could have sped by
and blew a tire or something, and lose control and wreck.
Everything happens for a reason.
Well last night i read all of my diary entries from last
year. I decided that last year i was depressed and sad
the same time. And remembered it was like that the year
before. But last year i didn't feel like putting up with
it and told my self that it's not worth fretting over, and
to just look at it positively, and look forward to summer
and spring break. Well there is no reason for me not to
look forward to spring break, now that im 22 (ID), and
going to Cancun (Senior Trip), then moving to college in
orlando, and getting our own house. So that's what i
think im going to start doing. I remember waking up in
the morning and being like.. i don't feel like going to
school, I'm goign to go to matt's and make him go to the
beach and get drunk. Those were good times, and i can't
wait to have them again. So i say screw all this crap
about winter and being bored, im ready to party, and
willing to wait a lil longer. Another case solved...
I thought about something today. I have never told any
girl beside my mom that i love her. Because i don't think
i have ever loved anyone. I hope when i do, it's
something like when ever i see the girl it makes me smile,
one that makes me laugh and laughs with me, one that i
feel comfortable with... and maybe more. I guess i will
know eventually, and i hope that the real thing is better
then the suspence building up to it. yeah well THAT was
interesting.. not.. heh.. i'm not even interested in what
i was even typing. Yeah. well, im out, not an exciting
day, maybe tomorrow. PEACE
Song of the day: Close Yet Far by CKY