you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2004-01-13 04:31:22 (UTC)


This weekend has been one big cry-fest

FRIDAY: went to PeaceAPizza with andrew and his mom, did
the Wayne thing. It was pretty boring at MYA, andrew was
sad but he cheered up. After a while VARUKA wanted out,
she was suffering from sexual frustration, lead into some
interesting situations…..(lols nothing too bad). I had a
little freak VG style out but overall it was ok.

SATURDAY: went to A’s. we watched L.I.E., Sphyco Beach
Party, Adventues of Sebastian Cole, Life as a House, ab
fab, and Pumkin. All are AMAZINg movies, and all made me
(and andrew) cry (except abfab and sbp…when we were crying
from laughing so much) then we just chilled and cuddled
and talked together until like, 8 am. It was soooo nice, I
love him so much, more then anything.

SUNDAY: I left andrew’s house at 10 30ish, took a shower,
then went to the Klein’s around 1. I forgot how much I
miss libby and marnie and merideth- i spent the whole time
reminincing w/ m&m about out dads and all our little kid
stuff like john pancott's and matching heartstrings
outfits and being pumkins for halloween. i'll call them in
a few days to see how they're doing. lana and ev were
there for a little. omg i forgot how much everyone grew
up. later thier 'rents, scott and E came for dinner. there
were like, a million other people there as well but it's
hard to keep track. it was really nice being around so
many people and feel loved by them, though. i didn't leave
until 8.


oh god, i'm in school now and i'm so upset from this
weekend (remembering marc and my dad) i've been crying
(inside) since i woke up. it's so hard being in school
because i was around so many people that i love and that i
can just talk to but here it's school friends and people i
don't care about. Right now i just feel so worn down and
dead inside. i'm tired, i'm pale(er then ususal), and i
want a hug! lol- it's not funny. i guess i'll go down to
lunch now even though i doubt i'll eat anything.