lyssa's Diary!
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2004-01-13 02:51:28 (UTC)

im so damn tired

Hey! lol.. well this weekend has been crazy. i was in
tacoma pretty much the whole weekend :). saturday i woke
up by the call of my ex danny. were still cool so we hang
out sometimes. and then my friend COrey that i have known
sense 5th grade also called, so i decided to go to tacoma
and hang with both of them nad her boyfriend. we ended up
goin to the mall and hangen out and eating ata pizza place.
then i went home and fell asleep around 7. then i woke up
the next day and went to work to find out i only have 5 hrs
next week. i was soo upset by it and i bursted into tears
beccuz there treating me like crap when i work my ass off.
ne ways. then i came home and worked on my homework
(citizenship project) and my computer freaken deleted my
damn papers! i was soo pissed! so i had to redo some of the
papers :(.
oh oho h, i talked ot melissa, about some of her problems,
and about AJ, and im just one confused little girl right
now and i dont know what way to go. i mean i dont know what
to think ne more between him and i. so im just gonna tal
kto him tonight sense i didnt talk to him all weekend, he
was at his sisters cuz she was sick.
i also found out melissa is goin to miami on friday and aj
is goin on tuesday and there both recording... sounds kinna
fishy, so i dunno what to do ne more. she said shes not
gonna talk to aj, but i dont believe her sense shes lied to
me so many times. and i dunno.. me so scared, and dont know
what to think... but yea i gotta go im gonna lay down sense
im so tired....
buh byes!
this was just very little on what really happend, im just
too lazy and tired to write ne thing else.. :) hehe