2004-01-13 02:15:07 (UTC)

Go Take A Look!

John bought me a digital camera last week and I've been
spending every spare minute playing with it and figuring out
how to use it. I now have my own photo album at

I've put up photos of quilts, old and new, of John and the
cats and my sewing room. And that's just today! My brain
doesn't seen to be working very well, though. I'll get
something figured out and then when I try to do it again I
can't because I'll already have forgotten how I've done it.

So, again I struggle and try different things and then a
lightbulb goes on and I remember again. I think all I need
is enough repetitions and it'll finally all stick but I find
it frustrating to suddenly not be able to do something I had
just done a half hour before! I've taken to writing down
what I've done when I'm successful so I want have to
constantly figure out how to do the same things over and
over again.