Diary of a madman
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2004-01-13 02:04:58 (UTC)

The Troubled times of Tbone

This is my first entry, and I would guess like most
people the reason I am doin one of these is to get
somethings of my chest. It's been a few things really, my
parents are always fighting, and arent very financialy
responsible. The bank is about to forclose on our house
and our vehicle is behind on payments. There are people
calling every day, I know I shouldnt be thinking about it
but I really cant help it. I always feel like I can do

Secondly There is this girl at school. I'm really into
her and she really acts like she's into me but she has a
boyfriend, and I dont know what move I should make. I walk
her to almost every class and she is always telling people
in a joking manner that were dating, but I sometimes get
the feeling that its more than a joke. She gives me her
phone number and tells me to call her but almost everytime
I call she isnt home, and she doesnt return my phone
calls. Whether or not she does this on prupose or not I
dunno. I sometimes get the feeling she is leading me on, I
really hope she isnt because she is a very beautiful girl
and I would love to go out with her.

Any suggestions?
Also, sorry for the spelling, its a shitter