Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-13 01:23:43 (UTC)

Today at School

Today at school was sorta normal. I finally told Brittaney
what I've so badly wanted to tell her. I've been trying to
find a way to tell her that for a long time. Geeze that
was hard. OMG Dawn made me so mad today. She know's how
much I like Steven and everything, she was even telling me
that she was going to try to talk to him about me today.
And OMG that slut didn't even mention my name. I was
standing there when she said she was going to start
talking to him and right off the bat she grabbed his arm
and was completely flirting with him. She even asked him
if THEY had any chance of being together. He thank GOD
said no. I was ready to kill her. She was being a total
Bitchy slut. Does she have nothing better to do than throw
her stuff around like she's a beauty queen? She may not be
ugly but trust me she's no beauty queen. Who does she
think she is? I swear. She's not making Jennifer too happy
either. And I guess I can hold it inside if it's just me
but when she starts doing that to my friends and stuff
than that is JUST WRONG. She's a whore and she even knows
it. I think that her life goal is to sleep with as many
different guys as she can no matter what the circumtances
are. Ok but anyway... Well I gotta go but I'll write more

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