a watercolour stain
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2004-01-13 01:02:40 (UTC)

just not much

well, my eyes were a little goobery this morning, but they
are still about the same. i'm guessing that it isn't
pinkeye after all. today was first day back at classes.
overall not bad. my french professor makes me think of
bilbo baggins. he's a character for sure. plus he
stutters and mumbles and says umm a lot. wonder why he
became a language professor. tomorrow i have abnormal
psych and another CMD class. i can't wait. i really think
i'm going to like getting into this.

anyways, my car is broke. not really. a hole in the
exhaust. she's soo freakin LOUD! dad and kenny are
working on it now, so hopefully they'll be able to get
somewhere with it.

i guess i don't really have much to say. i am pathetic.
lol. if i think of anything else later on, i'll write more.


*half asleep*