C'est moi and I'm not french
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2004-01-13 00:44:23 (UTC)

pants on fire

SO i fucking hate my fucking family... i swear to god the
day i turn 18 i am moving out... i know everyone bitches
about their family but maybe its for a reason... i had the
worst god aweful day... so school sucked as always...
finals are like 2 days from now and im gonna fail... and
then paul wants to hang out so i hang out and he breaks a
fucking promise to me but thats nothing new... all well
tho... so then i go to my soccer game and we loose which we
shouldnt because we are a kick ass team and our coach walks
out on us in the middle of a fucking game!!!! that is
shit... so then i get home and my dad yells at me for "not
taking responsibility" well ya know what FUCK YOU... wow
theres a lot of profanity in this... ok well thats enough
rantintg... it turns out charlie did like me but paul just
didnt want me to know... so happy holidays

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