Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-12 22:13:07 (UTC)


well...its monday. bad things happen no matter what day it
is i guess. Nessa is moving to clearmont :'-( *sadness*
she cant live with her mum anymore (they get on each
others nerves) so shes gonna go live with her sister. at
least i got to see her today though. fun fun. Misty's 2
months pregnant with Gregs baby. so its kinda
like...ehhhh......oh yea and b.c of Montea (Hobbit's gf)
he cant exactly talk to any of his friends who are
girls...not without her giving us dirty looks. like last
week...Nick was giving me a hug...Montea saw...she got on
his case about i told her that she didnt need to
worry about me...that i had girlfriend that goes to
Freedom. (Cody dunt freak its not tru) i got my friend
Missy to say ok and so me and her are 'together' now.
weird! but then today..i had to find Sabby so
that she could get her gym stuff out of my locker. well
she told me to meet her in the bus loop. so when i couldnt
find her i went up to Nick and Montea and asked him where
she was...Montea now officailly hates me b.c she gave me
the dirtiest of looks. so just to get back at her i pulled
out a piccie of me and Missy and said 'lookie
and my baby!' ppl u shoulda seen the look on her face. i
could definately tell that she hates me.....not only for
being nicks friend...getting pop kisses on the cheek from
him and just b.c im a girl...but b.c i take his attention
away from her EVERY time im around when she is. its SOOO
funny! lol. i think i like pissing her off...b.c im not
doing anything bad...just being she hates
me for all i have to say is SCREW IT! if she
wants to be a QB to me....then i'll be one to her. Played
football in gym with the boys. Pissed off Amber (not the
same one that had surgery)...the freshman slut...who also
hates my guts...just for me being me. and i dunt like say things...and do things around her just
to piss her off....its become fun...because i just hug one
of my guy friends and i get a really DIRTY look from her.
and when she does that i just want to punch her. but i
dont....i get back with words and actions. lol bwahahaha!
lol im sooo evil. lol. talked to Reagan almost all day
yesterday. hes doing good out there. he said that he'll
basically call me every weekend...if that happens..who
knows...but whatever. i figure that he'll stop calling
once he gets a few friends or even a girlfriend out there.
maybe.....well i have to go...girl scouts
Love Ya,

p.s- this week is gonna be hard b.c i cant talk to cody
that often so if i seem kinda ehh in school...thats
y.....that and the fact that im basically a loner in
school now...oh well. love ya baby! ~~Nikkie