Adam's girl

Don't Judge me Yet
2004-01-12 21:37:50 (UTC)

I miss him

I miss my Adam! I see all these couples walking around
school and i hate it because i can't be with mine. i miss
him so much!!!
A freshman told me he liked me today!!! a FRESHMAN!!! i
can't believe that. he's cute but he's just really little
and i really really love my boyfriend. i felt so bad to
tell him that i was sorry and nothing could happen with us.
he seemed kind of upset. he like watches me and stuff in
class. (i have ROTC with him) well he kind of has to look
at me because i'm the platoon commander (person in charge)
but he looks at me way too much. and he watches me in
lunch. it's getting a little scary. but oh well.