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2004-01-12 15:55:24 (UTC)

Here Again.

Well, another day another dollar. Not really the
expression I should use. I am still unemployed but today I
am swallowing my pride and am going to go pick up
applications at restaurants. I hated waitressing and I
swore I'd never do it again but I can't be a prissy. I
have to do something. It's driving me crazy sitting at
home all the time. I sent out resumes to banks and I think
I am going to call them to see if any were interested. I
HOPE SO. I would love that job and it would pay well too.
If the god of employment would just smile on me this once
I would forever be in debt.
So today I am going to get busy. I am going to be hopeful
about getting a bank job. I am going to get some
restaurant applications and I am going to get the house
clean. I have stuff to do I need to get it done. Oh yeah
and I am going to go take that stupid typing test one more
time. Maybe the 45th time is a charm. I NEED A JOB. My
husband probably thinks I am the laziest person in the
Well, I gotta go get busy.