DiNaH says...
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2004-01-12 10:09:59 (UTC)


i must be drunk.

i had a shot last night. and i tell you, i can't take the
liquor's taste anymore. i've never been a drinker anyhow.
only on occasions -- where problems and/or heartaches
freeze up my brain to function properly.

so last night, acel and aldwin decided to have a drink, and
acel decided we should go to my place. well, i never really
liked to bring friends there. that place is a rot! i'm
planning to move anywhere else, whether or not donnie and
jonathan would come along.

inspite of the stinky place, which i really can't call
anything else but that, we were having a nice time talking
and all... and it ended up to three in the morning!

good for them 'coz they have no work the next day, but
me... i've been sooooo busy the whole week, with deadlines
and everything, i haven't had a complete rest.

but then, even if i hadn't have a nice sleep this morning,
i still thank my friends for being around.

there's so much more to tell, but i have to go home now and
pick up my laundry. i'm so tired!

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