Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2004-01-12 04:26:48 (UTC)

Bak to Square One

so ya this murnin i woke up to go to the mall to get a
last minute thing thinking the mall opened at one
told me on sundays that the mall doesnt open til me
n cheryl at cinnabon there since we had nuttin else to
do..then we went home paked a lil more then went bak at
11..we got bak just in time for me to exchange gifts wit
billy..he got me stuff to make gel candles cuz that was
the next project i wanted to try hehe..they are
realllllyyyy ya then we cleaned out our car and
paked up my parents cars..we left around 130ish and got
here around ya unloadin wasnt that much fun but
i survived..i went to walmart for a few things wit my dad
and then went inside to settle in..kelly had come when i
was at i unpacked for it had to be 2
hours..i had so much stuff and i didnt kno where to put it
all...finally i got online and then went to chrissys was so great seein her cuz its like chill when we
hang out like we can just sit there and talk or watch tv
and thats kewl b/c were just chillin home i
dunno like we always have to have a plan to go somewhere
but i love just sittin and chillin wit then
she came down here and then i eventually had to figure out
my schedule me n kelly ordered kasa's and then i
watched American Dreams..pretty simple nite..took a shower
and then went to chrissys til like so glad her
and drea are kewl..cuz it would suck if they ya
its snowing here..its a sign i off to bed to
rest up for my lonnnngggg day tomorrow...

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