Too Much to Say
2004-01-12 04:26:40 (UTC)

too poor for fast food tonight

over the christmas break i totally got back into my
bad habit of making midnight runs to taco bell or any other
fast food establishment open at that hour. that has to
stop. with all my man troubles, i don't need a fat ass to
go with it.
speaking of men (as usual) i have got to stop the
random making out at parties. (everyone knows how that
goes.) i always end up interested. typical girl i
suppose. and after i give them what they want (which
usually doesn't take too long) they are no longer
interested. more than anything i wish i was capable of
taking my own advice. "why do i do that which i hate?" i
can possess so much wisdom at times, yet act so foolishly.
one day i'll learn.