Cisco Kid
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2004-01-12 02:52:47 (UTC)

Rainy Days

A rainy day brings life to dead souls. It also brings
a cold and dark feeling in the atsmophere. A rainy day
brings a frown to a little boy who wants to go out and
play. For this little boy it rained once too many times.
The boy's soul was alive and joyful, but his heart was
shattered like a sledge hammer to a concrete wall. Cracks
ran through his heart and down his body. The only thing
that kept him together was his tiny soul. This little boy
hid back in a corner of the darkest alley. The rain stopped
and the boy took a look outside. He saw green valleys with
butterflies that flew over the life of the world. This
triggered something in the body of the little boy.
Suddenly, the little boy realized that the hole he had had
in his heart was no longer there. The hole that the cold
harsh breeze once blew through, blows through no more. His
hole was filled with love. The little boy was joyous and
excited that his soul could finally live. He saw himself in
the reflection of a puddle on the side of the road. He saw
a man who was is alive, and on his own. But what he didn't
see was the dark shadow he portrayed across the cold