Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-12 01:28:23 (UTC)

Jennifer and Stuff

Welps i am now writing about jen L. She tried to top me in
her last entry. But trust me she failed! Oh well. Jen is
really funny. Her and I have a list of our top ten things
to do (i think we should change that word to accomplish)
before 9th grade. My favorite thing on the list is to give
a male teacher a thong for a gift. It'll be great! I also
really like the Mr.Wiggles homework paper one. It's really
funny. We have to make ten homework papers with all wrong
answers and sign it Mr.Wiggles at the top. That one should
be fun. But i think that we should not use the same
handwriting as we usually do. No that would be a bad idea.
Cuz then (even though the teachers are really stupid) they
might know that it was us. Jen Is obsessed with Good
Charlotte and they are really cool but obsessing isn't!!
lol just kidding. i obsess over a lot of things. But this
isn't about me it's about Jennifer and how she eats
cheetohs while sitting in a bean bag chair naked. Just
Kidding. Well actually i don't know if she does or not...
I'll have to ask her... well i better go so that she can
read this! Bye