moe liljew

Could He be for me?
2004-01-12 00:24:28 (UTC)

so many things

geez... christmas... new years... and nicks 21st... what a
bunch of stuff. Nicks 21st will be
great...blackhawk...downtown...a luxurious hotel... super
Im saving up this spring so i can pay for school in the
summer and get my ass in gear for my lisence.
Soon everything will be comin together... super super..
my dad is threatening my mom with divorce cause she told
him that she couldnt pay the house payment... threaten away
man and i hope you leave... dont let the door knob....
Since he has had what...forever to get a job and help this
could be avoided lol... but im sure there really was no
intention to get a job and all those *wink* interviews and
applications were lies... because after months none have
panned out... funny how there are hire signs everywhere and
nobody is hiring? what a silly controdiction.
Well good riddens.

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