Best Left Unspoken
2004-01-11 20:15:34 (UTC)

From Brittaney

Hey everyone this is Brittaney and im writin in Saras
Journal. In case you dont know me im Saras best friend
since the last time i checked so anyway, ummm shes sittin
here watchin me write this. DId you guys know that shes
completely obssesed and in love with this "guy" named
Steven Bralley and I dont know why but whatever floats her
boat. And i am completely obsessed with Simple Plan!!!! I
love them. and I also like this person named Zane Pepper
but id NEVER have a chance with him in a million yearz but
besides that letz get back to sara. She like a
freak....not really...
Ok this is Sara again. I guess i feel better than what I
did yesterday. I guess that's always a plus. But anyway. I
had a crazy dream last night. It had ALOT of death and
crap in it and I was the only one who could fix it... I
wonder if that means anything... But I woke up just before
I fixed everything. I didn't sleep to well last night but
that's probably because i slept on a little couch instead
of my bed. Everything at school is crazy now. I'm not sure
what I really want anymore. There's only a few things that
I'm sure of and that's Steven and my friends. Everything
else is just crazy now and I don't know what all to do.
But I guess everyone goes through this someime. I'll get
over it. I usually get over everything. Welps i think that
i'm really boring brittaney right now so i'll write more