thats absurd
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2004-01-11 07:57:01 (UTC)

You Know what.....

I love a people...and if you know me, you may know this people...should deffinatly know who you are.....

I have come on line today to make a declaration.......people....(that one
people) I love that one people...and even though alot of shtuff is going
on in that peoples beautifull little head and sometimes i get nervouse or
upset or scared by it, i will not be found weakened to a degree of
uselessness or lovelessness........although it is, at times, sad to see that
people in the state she is in because of certain things, i think it would be
infinitly more sad, tragic even, to not see that people at all. If that one
person wishes, i will learn all i need to know about that one persons
learnables and learn to cope and live with it till i am old and grey if
neccesary....(and i
dont mean the next show).....

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