The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-11 05:51:13 (UTC)

hIgH - vOlUmE nUmBeR fIvE

Welcome back to my stoner's diary lol....i dunno what to
talk about tonight, funny lol....i'll think of some stuff

First off, i guess we can talk about how fucked up my
typing is when i'm high. What's there to say? I SUCK AT
TYPING. You watch, todays diary will have soo many
mistakes, that it's not gonna be funny....well, maybe when
i read this it will be lol.

I also tend to give more people lip, and say the
word "fuck" more ofthn than i normally do lol. Sometimes i
can't spell, or word things...sometimes i get depreesed
and listen to drepessing songs, or i make people laugh,
soometimes for the same reasons i'm giving now lol. I
Crave food instantly, and have a long friendship with my 2
other drugs....caffiene and nicotine.

Hmm...well, thhat about covers things for now...i guess
i'm just werid and shit lol