Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2004-01-11 05:14:51 (UTC)

Going bak

so the last few days have been pretty uneventful..friday i
did something in the morning but i really cant
remember..oh wait...i went snowboarding..sorry tired and
cant remember things..newayz i went snowboarding with
cindy friday morning at like 8 which sux cuz i didnt sleep
the day b4 until like 4 ish..oh well i got pissed at maris
cuz she baked out last mintue but we got
there like 12 and got on the mountain like 12:15..i
relaized that my sister is different than me..shes goofy
and im the board was hard to maneuver at
first but i delat with it...i fell on my knees like rite
away cuz i didnt have my bearings wit thata board but then
i was kewl..i was sooo proud of myself too because i could
stand up...haha thats my accomplishment not carvin but
standing up ya i was sooo not used to using those
muscles so i would stop like 3 times on the mountain tor
est for a sec..i onlee fell like twice the whole day but i
made it count..the sugar slope was ice..but not a sheet of and chunks of ice..i tried to stop on the ice
cuz i didnt realize and the board flew out from under me
and i landed on the rocks on my azz...omg it fukin hurt
like hell..ya so my butt hurt the rest of the day but i
did good considerin i havent gone since last ya
we went down 6 times and it was ya went home
and then had the grand opportunity of workin at the gate
at nite..i got to work wit gettin used to him
cuz he has some interesting stories if u dare listen to
them ya the heat didnt work so we rebelled
against workin cuz it was 8 and VERY i went
shoppin most of the morning for stuff for school since im
goin bak tomorrow..i dont wanna but i guess im gonna
haveta..then we went to my grandmas to fix her phone..then
peter called and told me i didnt have to work thank god
cuz i was no where near packed...then we just packed..i
slept then went over cindys for the rest of the
was kewl cept when rob cut his finger and bled allll over
his sweater ya that was my nite..cindys leavin
tomorrow at 8 and were leavin like 1....grgrrr i gotta go
to the mall tomorrow morning and exchange christmas gifts
wit billy around 1130 ish such a last minute

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