The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
2004-01-11 03:48:04 (UTC)

Chris is BACK *HAHAHA*

After a LONG few days, and no posts, i've decided to come
back witha vengence...sorta, if you wanna call it that
lol...i came back, and nobody's left me any messages :( (I
feel all lonely now lol)

Well, what's been new? Exciting? I'll tell ya....NOT A
DAMN THING. Without drugs for 3 days, i've managed (See
people...i can do it :P), so if you guys missed the "high"'s making a debut AGAIN tonight *MUHAHAHAHA*

Anything else new you ask? NO! My "ex" as you all know
her, was in this city the past week, and guess what? She
never bothered to come and see me. Why? I dunno...maybe
it's cause we're ex's, and she doesn't want anything to
happen (despite the 2 way questions or answers she gives
me on MSN) Maybe it's cause of alot of things i don't
understand, and probably won't...but it'd be nice to have
an explanation ya know?

I *think* (I express think) she's tried calling me on my
cell #, cause everytime i pick up...i get a hang up :( and
none of my other 20 or so friends that know the number do i start to think.

Hmmm....i dunno....maybe i'm still living in the past, and
there's prob'ly nothing i can do or say to get back to the
way we *USED* to be...maybe there is no "future" for
us...but if there isn't...i'd like to know what's goin on
with her, so i know what to do with my life

Anyways, that's it for until "high" time....i'm
gonna leave it at this

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