C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-01-11 03:38:36 (UTC)

moaning in the dark

So i'm in my hermit stage.. I don't want to be around
people... they just annoy me... like me and keri and dee
and paul and charlie were going to a movie and keri got
back at like 140 or 150 and im like... how about we see a 3
movie and that would give u 50 minutes to shower and such
and shes like... can we go to the 340 movie instead... i
mean how much freaking time does it take to get ready?
I had confirmation practice today... i dont know if i want
to accept god into my life and all that shit... this week
im going to try and not cuss as much... so i went to the
movies and it was fun... i think because i sort of blew off
charlie last night he didnt really talk to me at all today
and sort of avoided me which was funy considereing i
invited him in the first place.

so im in depressed mode... i need to study chem... the
tests are so fucking oh man... i just cussed all well...
they are hard tho... and life is boring and
uncomplicated... paul reallly likes me i think but i dont
know... hes nice and all but hes horney.. i know all guys
are but it justs bugs me when they dont even try to hide
it... i dont want to know every urge they are feeling... im
getting further seems forever from paul... it should be
aweosme... thats enough bitching about my life