spencer love

chason pour les petits enfant
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2004-01-11 02:45:06 (UTC)

my damn mom

shes about 36 and hooked on pot. she tends bar at the snakepit where they got a pawn shop too. now they got this real strong pot called hawaiian thats real good. I love it too. but mom's hooked. she always wants to smoke it. so today me and sara and mom wanted some. I know three places. the first were no go. so the third one they said they wanted sex to sell it. I'm 13 and sara 14 and we said no. mom offered them extra money but they still wanted sex. she said she would give them blowjobs to sell it to her. at first they said no but then said they would if they could "muss up your face". she said ok and walked to a bedroom. one said "no. right here". so she did and 7 other guys came in the back door. they stoned and laughing. the two guys squirted the sperm on moms face and eyes. they made her keep her eyes open to. she said ok but they said others needed blowjobs. she said she couldn't see. then another one came up and put his dick in her mouth and she sucked it. I learned a lot. they squirted on her eyes when they were opened. after 8 I said OK WE CAN GO NOW, but my brother came in and laughed at her. she didn';t know who it was. they told her she had one more. Jerek has a real big one. he's 16. she didnt know who he was becase she couldn't see. so she gave him a blowjob. shes so good and pretty to. shes about 36. he was mean. he jammed it in. she gagged and the guys yelled at her. she did real good though and he squirted on her face in her eyes. she doesnt know it was him. we all laughed. she got our pot but they said she cant clean her face because they are coming over later to screw her and screw her in her but and want to come more on her face. so we had to walk home and me and sara held her arms so she couldnt clean her face. it was like, um, funny. sh they came overt about 8 and there was 11 of them and they pushed her over and screwed her ass. when she screamed because they were mean- not gentle- they had me and sara kiuck her in her ribs. she was a mess. they left now and mom is still laying there in the kitchen crying but we got our pot so itsa ok.


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