Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-01-11 01:41:03 (UTC)


why does life have to be so complicating? thats a question
that people ask often. i think that ive found an answer to
it. life is complicating because without those
complications we wouldnt grow as individuals. and if we
each didnt have our individuality then everyone would be
the same and that would be boring. :-D
my life has never made sense and is always complicating.
as those of you who read this might have noticed. but
right now...for the first time ever...i have things
figured out. im not confused about my feelings and for
once im sure of something in my life. I love Cody Owen. he
is my one. and if me and him dont work out then i will
just be. yea i love my friends...but it isnt the same. and
im sure that i will always love him...even if he stops
loving me one day...i will NEVER stop loving him. that may
hurt my chances with some other guys...but i dont care
anymore...because there is no other guys for me. dont ask
me how i kno...i just do. i love him.
the only thing confusing me is if its returned. i mean...i
kno that he loves me...but he wants to have some 'casual
relationships' with other people. and i dont kno if thats
the best thing. i have Sabby triing to convince me that it
is...when i kno im my heart that its not. basically it
sounds like he wants me but just not yet. or that he wants
me but he wants other people too. and i dont like to
share. so i guess all i can do now is wait. and pray. and
hope that everything comes out ok. i just have to have

Love ya'll.