Sarah's Shit
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2004-01-11 01:32:55 (UTC)


bah. I feel all weird, and I have no idea why...I spent
like the whole day at Brandon's Grandma's house, which was
really scary, cause all of his relatives were there, and I
just sorta hid in the back room with him, and I don't know
it was just scary. Brandon is the type of person I like
talking on the phone for hours with as opposed to actually
being with him in person, and I have no idea why. I can
talk to him all night, but...I don't know. I haven't
written in like a week, so here's for the update: I'm goin
out with Brandon, somebody told my little brother at school
that I was ODing and he wont tell me who, my parents think
I'm clinically depressed and suicidal, my Grandma keeps
tryin to get me to come to her house for no reason, and I
think Alex got a new sn cause she's never on
anymore...course I'm on a new sn too so she can't IM me
cause she doesn't know what is is. Hey, does anybody watch
That 70's Show?? That's like the best show in the world
and for some reason I'm in the mood to watch it and I don't
think it's on. Dammit...bah. I'm really curious as to who
told my little brother that shit. grrr....I'm just gonna
have to stop talking to people, cause they're all stupid.
I wanna go back to sleep, which is really weird for me. I
wish Brandon would start coming here instead of me coming
there, I get really paranoid and nervous at his house. Oh
well, I'm gonna go cause I'm out of stuff to say. So byez
or whatever,