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2004-01-11 00:24:30 (UTC)

award goes to....

hmm i think id have to say if there was an award for the
most boring weekend.. itd def have to be this one.. of
course i was dumb enough to fake sick on a friday..
psh.."if your too sick to stay home your too sick to go
out" ya good move there aye? hmm well ya friday SUCKED..
but i got alot of sleep..i got into an argument with
someone that sucked to.. but i honestly dont think it
phased him i was kinda upset.. but hmm o well.. hmm what
did i do today.. lets see woke up at 8:30 for some strange
reason, i ate, cleaned my room, WASHED AND HUNG OUT ALLL
MY CLOTHES.. woo hoo (if youve seen my closet you'll
understand why thats a big deal lol) and i vacuemed. im
babysitting nicole and her friend right now.. theyre beign
good.. SO FAR.. but ya we'll see. O YA me and taylor
cleared things up yay! .. hmm that reminds me i was
supposed to do stuff with joel. but hmm no call, but thats
ok im used to guys not calling me.. like justin. argh guys
are SO confusing.. they need like a handbook for dummies
named natalie who cant seem to figure them out.. thatd be
great. I GOT MY PERMIT on thursday! woo hoo.. the 6 months
was def worth the wait cept ill regret it in about half a
yr or so but hey i can always bum rides.

i def didnt think id ever make one of these journal
things.. but i was sooo bored outa my mind that i decided
to make one.. what boredom does to you