a girl in a world of loneliness

the one no one knows about
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2004-01-10 20:08:37 (UTC)

the things i hate

i hate how guys make me feel and how they make my friends
feel...i hate how teachers hate you for your weight if you
weigh what you should...or if you didn't eat at all or not
enough to be healthy, they love you...i hate how if you
piss your parents off only once in a day they stay mad for
the rest of the week...i hate how you can't leave you're
damn house unless you're of age or have someone else...i
hate not being able to see my best friend...unless its at
school which is only in the morning and two seconds in the
afternoon...i hate how when i get to school i can't hang
out with my friends...i hate how my stupid gay ass
boyfriend is an ass and doesn't trust me enough around
other guys...i hate everything in this whole damn
can't go off and die...because i'm too much of a coward
i hate that...i hate how suicide is the easy way out...i
hate how i'm not of age to just leave legally...i hate how
i can't even fucking drive yet...i hate how sarah and i
can't go anywhere but school, home, and fucking
torture...our lives are nothing but hell...mine may be
different from hers...but its still hell...everything is