Callie's Journal
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2004-01-10 18:19:53 (UTC)


So.... I have tried a million times to start a journal or
something like that but ya know, it never really works!!!
so i think i mite try here!!! I had my first rehersal of
south hadley horale today. i am yet again the oldest ki
there. I dont wanna join the adults!! they sing songs that
are an hour long!!! no kidding!!! n damn thats long!!! but
ya know it lets me hang otu with singing peoples!!! i hav
about 5 projects i hav to do this weekend cos i forgot
about thm*cough**cough* art reports *cough**cough*!! and
then i hav to study for the geo bee cos im a finalist.
yippy doo da! that is sarcasm... i know im only there cos
of dumb luck. well smart luck i guess. me n caroline had
questions as easy as pie! hello heres an example "which
state has the smallest population of hispanics? california,
vermont, new mexico" any one with a brain could get that
one right!!! i think i mite pass out on stage. wait, i will
pass otu on stage. well my procastination has gone far
enuf!!! puce out!

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