Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-10 18:12:18 (UTC)

In My Mind

Whats going on in my mind? I would even like to
know. Why do I do things I know will hurt? I think
because I want to be with him all the time so I do things
to get his att. but they hurt him. I really need to stop.
He PASSED!! Hehehe. He told me that he didnt and I
was going to be all "Oh my gosh hunny, Its ok" but then
he told me he did. I was all like "Kevin."
On Wednesday I pissed Kevin off by the night before
asking Ben if he noticed something different about Kevin
without talking to Kevin about it first. Kevin and I had
another bad we with lots of problems. Well the next day I
said if ur gunna dump me do it now and he was all like I
cant. I was like you cant or you still want to be with
me. He was all I dont know, this was before school so
after 1st hour I was like whats your answer hes all like
its you desision I was like its our disision. Do you
think we should be going out or not he was like I dont
think we should so we said bye (we broke up). So then I
was all like crying till his lunch(1st lunch) and I was at
my lockar. He came up to me and put his hand on me. He
was like youll be ok. I like chewed him out u dont know
how my day has been and blah blah blah. Then he put my
hand around my neck and I was like why are you doing that
and he was like "I want you back." I was like the 1 time
hurts, 2 times hurts worse, the 3rd time killed, and now a
4th I dont know kevin it hurts alot. He was like "I know
its ok if you say no." So we walked back to my class so
he could go to his, I was sopposed to be in study hall but
I was crying so my teacher let me out. Then he hugged me
and I said "ok I will."

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