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2004-01-10 17:08:06 (UTC)

I had fun last nite!!

MM K.... last nite, i worked 3 to close, that was alright,
Chad came up to work and talked to me and em for a good 3
hours, lol, he's pretty funny, and really nice! he went to
subway and bought us dinner! but the bad part of this was
judy came out and bitched at us for him talking to us,
whatever, we really didn't care, lol! Umm then after work,
kyle and carlos met us up at work to head off to andrew's
lil party type thing... when we got there, we all just
headed up to his room and chilled out, and watched the boys
play PS2. This girl was there that i totally dont get
along with, and it was really funny... all the guys thought
we should have boxed and the best part of it all, everyone
thought i would destroy her.. oh yea, my guns o' steel ;)
anyway... she eventually left, which was funny, bc for a
good part of the nite, no one talked to her or her
boyfriend, i guess it was bc me, em, and kyle killed the
mood! lol.. so the nite goes on and all of a sudden carlos
and kyle end up fighting (just as a joke..) but kyle got
hit in the nose somehow and my poor baby got a nose bleed!
so we took care of that and then kyle and i headed off to
pick up josh and jake at josh's house bc they had just
gotten home from their monster truck rally thingy. so we
get there and as soon as we get in the car, everyone
forgets kelly's there, so i just text people... we get back
to andrews and chill for about 15 min and have to leave..
lol, fun stuff! so we head to steak n shake w/ josh and
jake and em all in my car, and its way too busy bc i would
have to leave in like 45 min to get home on time... so
yea... we drive to my house and hang out in my garage.. lol
i know that sounds extremely gay, but there was nothing
else to do, i felt horrible bc i know it was boring, but it
was either that or everyone go home... and i didn't want
that to happen, so they all can think i was gay for hanging
out there, but whatever. As soon as the boys left, i
called em (bc she left like 30 min early) and we talked
till like 2... lol, she's my best friend! haha, im dumb..
anyway, thats my "exciting" story from last nite. and if
you would like to know the best part of it all.. it was
being with kyle, and i hate when he has to leave, i always
get really sad for some reason and i really hate that
feeling. And tonite, we cant hang out bc im babysitting
for ma boys!!! But tomorrow hopefully we will! but anyway,
im going to get a shower 'n stuff! im so proud of myself
for finally having an entry where im happy!!!

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