the adventures of saz
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2004-01-10 15:49:22 (UTC)


my dad got back from OZ to day and i went round his house
with my friend lucy apently i was not allowed to take her
because my dad wanted some time with me !!! i mean there
wasnt any point of me goin ova there at all cos all my dad
did was watch tv and i knew that would be all he would do
so i took my friend for company but becayse of this i am
there for grounded tomoz and tonite. but my mum isnt in so
thats why im on the computor! but as well as being grounded
im not allowed my fone im not allowed to go online and im
not allowed out!!!!! i think that is over reacting but my
mum tends to over react alot, and i have to put up with it!
so o well im stuck in for the rest of the nite and all day
tomorrow! lol wish me luck.

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