2004-01-10 10:20:16 (UTC)

Calling Out ALL The Sirens

They beckon me through the seas in my fragile vessel
toward the rocks, enchanting me with beauty, illusions of
promises I mistake for real when I'm hypnotized,
mezmerized, entranced and dangling from their spells -
those reaching arms are charms that disarm me, fails my
alarming from realizing the shore is too near. Near the
edge is a storm that is raging, keeps me encaged in this
non-reality fantasy of those things that I lust, that
convince me I must waste my life away.

Beware all beguilers, I'm calling all sirens who would
dare to ensnare my fate with no real heart. I'm aware and
I'm concious, and the time is upon us to turn the tides of
the entire ocean, end commotion and all notions of things
that love me just to hurt me, betray and desert thy only
heart still afloat in this path. Flames now leap from
confetti, my souls a pheonix and its ready to cut a swath
like a machetti and turn this boat around as well. So if
you seek to beguile me, be real, else I'll be smiling as I
call a bluff and say enough to your affairs.

Clear the air of your contagions for the sky belongs to
dragons, I breath fire to any liar though those same
breaths heal the truthful. Come on closer, move away,
either way I'm here to stay, so it's a test of your
conviction - make your bed and stop your trippin'.