Jus Other Day
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2004-01-10 08:48:46 (UTC)

....been awhile (1-9-04)

Long time since i had done an entry ...i would like to
promise at least once a week entry..or whenever i have
something to say. Well i am attending OC and things there
are going pretty good. My brother and his wife and lil baby
moved in and only having three room in my house i was
forced into the Living room. It Pretty Much sucks but i
dont know how long i can take it. he is such a pain in the
ass. but i will play along pretending to be happy..see how
thats well i am still in search of a job e job
which sucks cause i aint gots money to do shitz. Spring
Session starts Jan 12 so i am gunning to see whats that
like. I know my life is as dramitic as others bu the same
time last year it was as i was on the verage of not
graduating. This year should bring on the completion of my
first year at college..finding my self a job e job. in
other news My Arsenal team is in Second place and now
falling behind Man closeing the Year 2002-2003
school year was a year to remember as it was my last year
of high school, so many things happened there..meeting the
lovely L.I.A. in art class and hanging with my friends but
it was hit with the death of my uncle as it took out the
etire of my heart leting him leave us very early in his
life. he will always be in my heart as it regains
strength. My heart took a lil more pain as seening my
mother cusin..another uncle of mine die in a freak
accident. It wasnt as hurtful as when my uncle died but it
jus because i had felt the pain before...the sad thing is
that the were bestest pals. RIP guys....well this well be
it for tonight i would hope to write later on the day. any
body wants to write me emal at [email protected]